I hiked Hanging Lake for the first time this weekend and took a video of it all. Watch my magical video hiking Hanging Lake in Glenwood Springs.

I knew I wanted to see that turquoise water at Hanging Lake for myself ever since I moved to Colorado. My coworker and I arrived around 7:45 on Sunday (September 30) and I'm glad we did because the parking lot was almost already full.

As we were hiking we saw the beautiful changing leaves, crossed bridges, trees, rocks and heard the sounds of the peaceful stream. It was easy to see who has done this hike before and who hasn't.

I saw one hiker carrying a takeout box in one hand while hiking -- she's hiked to Hanging Lake before. Us on the other hand, are taking a break at a bench trying to adjust to the almost 1,000 feet increase in elevation.

I heard the hike was extremely difficult and I'm happy to say that it was easier than I thought it thought. When I hear 'strenuous' I think of scaling rock faces and scooting across ledges, so I'm glad there wasn't any of that.

The hike wasn't the easiest, but it was worth every second. My breath was taken away as we walked upon the beautiful turquoise water and cascading waterfalls. The water is such a gorgeous color that words don't do it justice. We sat and watch the fish swim through the clear water and the water flow through the limestone cliff.

I feel like going on hikes such as Hanging Lake truly gives you perspective. The things we worry about somehow suddenly seem so small when you're at Hanging Lake.

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