I have an idea Major League Baseball! It’s time to put Pete Rose in the Hall of Fame. 25-years ago the all-time hit king in baseball history was permanently banned from baseball for gambling on games and now with a new commissioner I think it’s time to let Pete in.

Pete Rose did bet on games and probably bet on his teams when he played and managed the Cincinnati Reds but he didn’t cheat. There are guys on the hall of fame ballot right now that most people will agree cheated.

Rose played in over 3,500 games won three World Series, three batting titles, an MVP, two Gold Gloves, was rookie of the year and has 4,256 hits. That is way more than any player in baseball history and he also played in 17 all-star games at five different positions.

There is no doubt that Pete Rose is one of the greatest players to ever play but because he bet on baseball he can’t be allowed to join other members of the Big Red Machine in the hall of fame.

Because of his ban he isn’t even allowed on the ballot while guys named Clemens, Sosa, McGwire and Bonds are. I know they haven’t even gotten close to getting enough votes but they are still on the ballot.

It’s just the voters choose not to vote for them and I think baseball should give Rose the same chance. He has paid the price for his crimes and baseball should put him on the ballot and let the voters choose to vote for him or not.

Pete Rose may not be a nice guy or even a good gambler but he was one hell of a ball player and should be in the baseball hall of fame.

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