Running for fun, while an alien idea to some, is a way of life for others. And in Western Colorado, the scenery that goes along with it makes trail running even more amazing.

Are you not sure what trail running is? Take a look at this.

Here in Western Colorado, you have opportunities to see things while running you would most likely miss if trail riding or 4 wheeling. Let's take a look at four places you can run, view and enjoy. Some of these are pretty intense and may involve climbing, and hiking long distances. But the payoff is evident with every blink of your eye. Check it out.

Rattlesnake Arch-Fruita

This is more of a combination hike/run trail and is difficult in spots, so you want to pay close attention and be very careful. This half day run takes you through some of the most beautiful areas in Western Colorado. As you can see from the video, there will be plenty of ooh's and ahh's between breaths on this one. It's quite remote, and you will most likely be one of the few out there, so enjoy.

Kokopelli Trail System-Fruita

Fruita has many trails to choose from, for beginners, and experts in both trail riding and running. Rustler's Loop is a fairly easy and short run, and they have added informational markers along the way to educate you on the terrain, some of the things you will see along the route as well as ecological information. Making sure you have the right shoes for running this type of trail is huge, however. You don't want to lace up the Chuck Taylor's and do this.

Coke Ovens Trail-Colorado National Monument

Walk along with these folks and get a real good idea about the trail you will be running, and the spectacular views you will enjoy. Running the Monument is always fascinating. And if you decide to run up the Monument, well, I'll wave as I drive by.

Otto's Bathtub-Colorado National Monument

There are some seriously amazing trails on the Monument, and this is one of them. Otto's Bathtub is accessed from the Upper Liberty Cap trail. A short hike down and to the left is where you'll find Otto's Bathtub. In order to create a large pool of water, John Otto created a dam here, which is where it got its name.

For all of these trails, remember to stay hydrated, stay on the trails and stay focused.

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