Have you seen the tent loaded with Trump merchandise set up just off the highway in Orchard Mesa? Who is that?

That is the Traveling Trump Stand. As you can tell by the name of the business, they aren't based out of Grand Junction. The proprietor calls Tennessee home, but he's visiting Grand Junction for the week.

Before we proceed, please allow me to say this is not a political post. I drive down this particular highway four or five times a day, and was curious above his traveling shop. A visit seemed to be in order.

You'll find it set up just west of the Orchard Mesa True Value store on the north side of the highway. If you stop by his tent, you'll see he sells a wide, and I mean a wide variety of Trump merchandise. We're talking everything from:

  • Trump t-shirts
  • Trump figurines
  • Trump elephant dolls
  • Trump key chains
  • Trump buttons
  • Trump flags
  • Trump knives
  • Trump hats
  • MAGA hats
  • Trump bumper stickers
  • 2nd Amendment t-shirts

Traveling Trump Stand Grand Junction

This is precisely what the person does for a living. He travels from town to town, selling President Trump merchandise. Looking at his Facebook page, in the last year alone his journey has taken him from Crystal Beach, TX, to Cookeville, TN.

He's got it all. How long has he been here? I recall first seeing him on Monday. How long will he be here? I stopped by to chat with him, and he says he'll be in town through Sunday.

I had to ask him if people ever stop by to debate with him. He says not at all.

If you are looking to score a Trump t-shirt, or perhaps a doll, or if you can't live for another minute without a President Trump action figure, you should probably swing by. Again, he's planning to stay through Sunday, March 8.

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