Brandon Thomas and I decided to have some fun and try on Halloween costumes. Snow White, a wizard, a southern belle and leather chaps were all tried on for size.

A great and easy couples costume is a priest and nun. You can spend your night blessing people and flick holy water, or vodka, on them. I had the costume on in a matter of minutes and it was super comfortable.

I had a few chances to live out my Disney princess's fantasies as Belle and Snow White. I was thoroughly disappointed that when I put on the Snow White costume, no animals did my laundry, or dishes, or really any cleaning. Brandon Thomas wasn't comfortable as The King, the shoes were a little tight to fill.

I think Brandon felt more comfortable as the Superman that he is! Super dad, Superman, same thing. He even partnered up with Keyes from KEKB to bid crime adieu. One of Brandon's costumes reminded me a lot of this:

Chaps may look like they're minimal, but when it comes to putting them on, they can be a real challenge. Keyes looked fabulous in his vest and leather chaps combo, the tassels were a nice touch.

My favorite costume was the southern belle, which takes me right back to my North Carolina roots. All I'm missing is a sweet tea! Thank you to Mad Margaret's for letting us have some Halloween costume fun! What are y'all going to be for Halloween?

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