The "Callin' Oates" Hall & Oates hotline phone number is a Southern Colorado phone number. We called the Hall & Oates hotline and this is what happened.

When you're in desperate need of a pick me up, just Callin' Oates. The Hall & Oates hotline number is actually a number from Southern Colorado. As soon as we saw that (combined with the whole Hall & Oates thing) we had to call it.

This is what happened when we called the Callin' Oates hotline. After we dialed the Southern Colorado phone number, which is 719-26-OATES, this is what we heard:

Welcome to Callin' Oates, your emergency Hall & Oates helpline.

Then we were given a few options. There were about 4 songs to pick from and of course, I chose to press two for 'Rich Girl'. Once we pressed two, 'Rich Girl' immediately started playing and it's kind of hard to not crack a smile when that song is playing.

I tried to change the song to see if I could listen to multiple songs on the Callin' Oates helpline, but it wouldn't let me change it. We were committed to listening to 'Rich Girl' at this point. (Sorry Waylon.)

As Waylon said, the Callin' Oates helpline is an actual lifesaver. If you need a pick me up, courtesy of Hall & Oates, you can call 719-26-OATES.

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