Maybe this fella oughta look into getting a unicycle.

Watch as this youngster puts on a display of popping wheelies that will leave you amazed -- not only by what he does, but by the fact that he lived to tell about it.

Impressive, right? How he managed to weave in and out of traffic while going up on his back wheel without suffering as much as a misplaced hair is remarkable and a testament to his ability, if not the caution other drivers on the road may have taken. Surely, some of them eased up on the gas pedal when they saw this 21st century Evel Knievel coming by in their rearview mirrors.

You just know they weren't as enthused as you may have been watvhing this and did whatever they could to make sure they weren't going to be the person responsible for crashing into him and lacerating his spleen.

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