Colorado is no stranger to extreme weather, from tornadoes and torrential rain to heavy hail and strong winds. In fact, just in May alone, the state already experienced all of the above.

Unfortunately, the effects of Mother Nature can sometimes be severe and unavoidable. Significant and irreparable damage is frequently a subsequent result of storms and natural events, which is what happened recently to a historic piece of property in Greenland, Colorado.

The big red barn at Allis Ranch has been a recognizable structure of Colorado's landscape since the late 1800s. It was built by one of the pioneers of the Palmer Divide, Charles Allis. His family lived and worked on the rural property for more than 70 years to follow.

Many people passing by would often stop to take pictures of the photogenic barn, which until recently, sat along the railroad tracks, just north of Palmer Lake. It could also be seen by motorists on I-25 headed from Denver to Colorado Springs.

Google Maps
Google Maps

On May 11, the historic Douglas County barn was destroyed after catching fire during an intense storm that hammered the region. Some locals speculate that the structure may have been the victim of a lightning strike.

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Although the prominent barn is now gone, several of the other Allis Ranch buildings remain standing at 1469 Noe Road. The ranch itself extends for over a mile to the south. And the legacy of the original Allis Ranch also lives on - made possible through the new property owners, Suzanne and Dwight. Allis Ranch is also protected by a conservation easement that adjoins Greenland Open Space.

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