A sign in Greeley showing the distance to the North Pole has residents slightly confused.

Easy to say, the North Pole is NOT a short distance from Greeley, but the sign on a light pole remains nonetheless.

The sign hangs on 51st behind Monfort Park at the golf course. You can see the sign below.

Most random sign! Anyone know about it? Found on 51st behind Monfort park at the golf course from r/Greeley

One Reddit user added to the mystery with a curious question... Is this sign in remembrance of a man with the last name "Greely" who conducted 4 expeditions in search of the North Pole?

However, after extensive searching, I couldn't find any correlation between the two. The expeditions were wild stories of failure, possible cannibalism, and heroism.

Do you know why this sign is posted or who posted it? Message us through our app... My curiosity is killin' me.

Source: Reddit

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