You may not realize it, but Grand Junction is home to a factory that produces a large amount of CBD products. The company that produces, packages and ships the products is called Softgel Co. and has its headquarters and all of its operations in Grand Junction.

Location of Softgel Co. in Grand Junction

Softgel Co. is an all-in-one CBD business that not only creates the products but also goes through all of the processes of packaging them and shipping them out to retailers to be sold. The headquarters of the company which includes the factory and all of the business' operations are located at 2202 1/2 H Road in Grand Junction.

What Does Softgel Co. in Grand Junction Do?

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Softgel Co. owner Ed created the company after seeing the positive effects that CBD products had on his daughter's health. He has since built a 20,000-square-foot facility that takes CBD and creates capsules, tinctures, and other products to be sold to retailers.

After creating the CBD products from step one to a final product, the Softgel Co. facility then packages the products in jars, tubes, blister packs, and whatever other forms they eventually need to take before they are labeled, bar-coded, and sealed in their final packaging.

In addition to having a factory and processing plant on-site, Softgel Co. also has a warehouse in which it prepares its products to be shipped off to retailers who will eventually sell the Softgel products to consumers.

Take a Virtual Tour of Grand Junction's Softgel Co. CBD Factory

Take a Virtual Tour of Grand Junction’s Softgel CBD Factory

Grand Junction is home to a factory called Softgel that makes CBD products.

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