Grand Junction is tatted up and here is the proof. I asked you to show us your tattoos on our Facebook, and you've got a lot. Take a look at Grand Junction showing off their tattoos.

When you've got skin as expensive as this, it's only right that you show it off.

I think this may be the most adorable picture of a tattoo of them all, and that's because of the baby. Cole's tattoos are so big, it almost looks like he's got one leg in a pair of leggings.

I wonder if this is a 'face your fears' type tattoo or just a love for Pennywise/IT. I'm kind of scared just looking at it and I also wonder if that's the point.

This is what happens when bacon is life. Kenneth says he's a porkavore, hence the tribute.

This tattoo is absolutely breathtaking. I love the style, the colors and of course the fierce tiger at the center. I wonder if this is NIkki's spirit animal.

The first I think when I see this tattoo is 'ouch.' The longer you look at Jessica's tattoo, the more you see.

I've never seen a samaurai chiuahah tattoo before and this is abdolutely adorable. What a great way to honor to your best furry friend.

Jeremy wasn't the only one with a Colorado flag tattoo. There's lot of tattoos incorporating the Colorado flag because, well, we love Colorado.

Matching tattoos in this case is very cute and very much something I would do. I feel like having these tattoos is a reminder that your sibling, no matter where they are, is always with you.

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