Grand Junction's Regal  movie theater is joining the movement to ban children age 6 and under from 'R' rated movies.

While some movie companies like Cinemark and AMC Entertainment have opted to continue a policy of no kids under six after 6PM, Regal Entertainment Group is enacting a policy forbidding children from attendng 'R' rated movies at any time.

Apparently there have been numerous complaints from customers about noisy and restless children, and concerns about kids watching violent and sexual content.

On the Regal Entertainment Group website, the policy is spelled out in item number 5 on their list of  procedures concerning 'R' rated movies - and it's simple, but straight forward.

5. Children 6 and under are not allowed to attend Rated R features.

The question is begged to be asked, why would a parent want to take a young child to an 'R' rated movie, likely to contain profanity, explicit sexual content, violence and other disturbing images?

The fact is, there are plenty of movies coming out on a regular basis that are intended for, and are appropriate for young children. There is no reason or need to expose these impressionable youngsters to 'R' rated content.

If parents are taking their six and unders to 'R' rated movies because they can't find a baby sitter, they might be better served to wait until a sitter can be secured, or simply wait until the movie comes out on DVD or on-demand. While that may not be the ideal scenario for the parent, it is clearly the best scenario for the child.

Hand claps to Regal for keeping six year olds away from 'R' rated movies.

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