Grand Junction motorists will notice their speed being captured on radar for all the world to see, but the new radar signs are intended only to inform drivers of their speed, not catch them speeding.

According to an article in the Daily Sentinel, the two new signs will be moveable and will be used in areas where there have been frequent complaints about speeding.

The signs have photo taking ability, but apparently the photos aren't good enough to read license plates. The signs will make drivers aware of their speed and will also keep track how many drivers were going over the speed limit in that particular area.

It's a great idea. Traffic enforcement without using manpower seems pretty efficient. But, the really cool thing is that people who speed won't be ticketed - at least not at that particular moment.

Hopefully, when drivers see their speed is over the limit they will slow down and drive with more awareness of their speed. The result could be safer neighborhoods for children playing, and, of course, fewer accidents.

Ultimately, the goal is to reduce the number of traffic accidents, which often times, although not always, are related to excessive speed. Excessive speed along with distracted driving and some knucklehead drivers are leading contributors to traffic accidents.

While the radar signs are a great idea, how about bigger stop signs at some intersections. Apparently too, many drivers aren't noticing the smaller stop signs because we keep having accidents related to people running stop signs and not yielding the right away. Perhaps bigger stop signs would send a bigger, but simple message - STOP!

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