I've never been hunting in Colorado so I just asked you where you go on our Facebook. These are Grand Junction's favorite places to go hunting.

Since I'm new to Colorado, I wanted to know where you go hunting in Colorado and what you hunt for. Much like fishing, I know that people don't usually like to give up their spots.

But after all of the responses, I was happy to see that you weren't holding back on me.This is what you had to say on our Facebook about where you're hunting and what you're hunting.

I asked Brandi where she goes hunting and Meeker and she was extremely specific. Thank you for that, I promise I won't hog your spots.

Travis likes to hunt for mule deer, elk, bear and coytoes on the Mesa. I guess you could say that him and the whole hunting thing are pretty serious.

Phillips says that he likes to hunt for deer and elk. He says because of the limited public land, there's always lot of people in 211.

According to Danielle, you can go duck hunting pretty much in your backyard by Corn Lake. Thanks for sharing your hunting spots and tips with me.

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