Cold and flu season seems to stretch on and on around here, doesn't it?

We asked for some home remedies you, our friends use and you came up with some really good suggestions.

Take mine for example. I had heard of a remedy that uses aluminum foil, wrapped around your midsection and feet. I know, it sounds ridiculous, but people swear it works. But your suggestions have some real merit.

Let's look at a few.

Christy SpinelliI drink a couple of glasses of lemon water a day.

For the record, I drink it every day just because it tastes good.

Rachel CritesCover your mouth, wash your hands often, and sanitize your personal work areas.

Daleyne Carpenter: Seriously good hand washing, hot water soap wrists included. Every time anyone walks in the door, gargle with warm salt water a couple of times a day. Wash doorknobs, phone remotes, faucets.

There is no substitute for keeping your hands and work area clean and sanitized, that's for sure. Washing the doorknobs is a great suggestion.

Judy Kirkham-BevilleSambucol Elderberry syrup. Ordering elderberries to make my own, cause it works!

I'm not the only one who likes this idea!

Karen Gobbo-SpragueHot tea and Honey Jack, I drink my l'dara tea every day and stay healthy.

Wait, did you say Honey Jack? Why I do believe this has mucho merit!

Michelle BoydEchinacea. Our Dr recommend when my kid was exposed to mono. She didn’t get it. Shortens time with a cold too. That and airborne.

You guys really do have some excellent suggestions, but these last two, for some reason, seems to be a favorite.

Cindy Rairden-Keller: A couple of shots of Crown or Wild Turkey.
Go to bed. You're welcome.

Roy Carey: 1/5 of whiskey.

So, now that we have these excellent suggestions on avoiding colds and the flu this season, here's to healthy!

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