The Winter Olympics kicked off yesterday, and that got us thinking. If Grand Junction were to have their own Winter Olympics, what events would we hold?

Grand Junction really doesn't have a winter --especially this year. When we do get snow, it's normally gone by noon. So what are some of the things we could do to create our own Winter Olympics?

The I-70 Business Loop Sprint

We'll pick the busiest time of day, and ask our Olympians to meet at I-70 Business Loop and 32 Road. Just before the starting gun sounds, all the traffic lights turn to green and the "athletes" will see who can get across the highway the fastest while dodging cars.

Whack a Prairie Dog

Next, we'll travel to the closest prairie dog colony. Armed with a "soft" sledgehammer, Olympians will be asked to run around the colony smacking the desert dogs back in their hole. Think "whack-a-mole" but with prairie dogs.

The Downtown Gauntlet

This is our long-distance event. Olympians will start at 7th Street and Main, and make their way through downtown. The goal, avoid as many transients as you can. If you're asked for a cigarette, you lose a point. Spare change, another point. If you give into the transients wishes, you're disqualified.

The Empty Canal Luge

We might as well put the empty canals to good use during this spectacular event. A team of two will be assigned one of the many abandoned shopping carts around town and race down the empty canal. Dodging branches, trash and debris will only add to this exciting race.

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