Grand Junction's Butterfly Pond is located right off Riverside Drive at the riverfront at Las Colonias Park. Known as a great place to stand-up paddle, the butterfly pond is the perfect spot for a water lantern event.

Grand Junction Parks and Rec invites everyone down to participate in creating a water lantern on the evening of October 15th. The event is titled Water Lights at Night.

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Water Lights at Night at Las Colonias

The event is scheduled from 5:30 to 8 pm on Saturday the 15th. Lantern kits will cost $6 if purchased online in advance, or $8 if you purchase one after you arrive at the event on the 15th.
Each kit will come with a lantern, an LED-powered tea light, and a magic marker. You are welcome to bring additional markers from home to spice up your lantern.

Take Your Lantern Home After the Launch

After all the lanterns are launched onto the Butterfly Pond they will be retrieved at the end of the event. You are welcome to take yours home and re-use it elsewhere. No lanterns will be left at the pond at the end of the event. If you want to take yours home at the end of the night, just ask one of the Parks and Rec staff to retrieve it for you and they will do the best they can to get it for you.

The Launch Takes Place at Sunset

The sun sets in Grand Junction around 6:30 these days, so the lanterns will be launched at 6:45 pm. Admission is free if you just want to come to watch the lanterns as they are launched onto the butterfly pond. Food trucks will be on hand, and guests are welcome to bring lawn chairs and blankets with them.

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