Grand Junction may be shocked to learn that one of their Walmart locations has opened up its parking lot to overnight RV camping.

At least, that's how it appears, as residents have noticed a large RV that seems to have taken up permanent residence at the North Ave. Walmart.

While its location on the lot may vary from day to day, it's always there day and night.

This is great news for other campers who may be interested in free camping on the Walmart asphalt and there are others.

Walmart apparently doesn't care that the first sight customers see when they pull into the parking lot is a big, ugly RV, with big, black trash sacks setting outside.

The city of Grand Junction also apparently doesn't care that the parking lot has become a free campground, which is great news for anyone looking for a free place to spend the night or live for that matter.

Oh, wait, the sign says no overnight parking - nothing about camping.

(Zane Mathews)
(Zane Mathews)

One advantage to living at Walmart is 24-hour access to bathrooms, not having a mortgage or rent payment, no property taxes, no lawn to mow, no weeds to pull, no sidewalks to shovel, and no leaky plumbing.

Hmmm... maybe we should give living in a Walmart parking lot a try.