We all had childhood dreams of what we wanted to be when we grew up, but quite often those dreams were unfulfilled.

A Different World

I wonder how differently kids see the world today than how most of us saw it when we were growing up. We were dreaming about being a cowboy, a policeman, a baseball player, a doctor, a lawyer, or a teacher. Today kids are preparing to be software developers. computer engineers, and social media influencers

One of my earliest childhood dreams was to be an astronaut, but that one quickly fizzled out when I discovered I could easily get sick on the playground merry-go-round, on the swing set in my backyard, or in the back seat of the car.  Another childhood dream of mine was to be a sportscaster on Monday Night Football- which started me on the path to a career in broadcasting but not to the big booth on Monday night.

Grand Junction's Unfulfilled Childhood Dreams

Recently, we asked the question, "What would your occupation be today if you had followed your childhood dreams?" Turns out a lot of folks ended up on a very different path than that early childhood dream, and we share some of those responses below.

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