If there was a Grand Junction themed bar, these are the drinks they would serve.

Imagine what a Grand Junction themed bar would be like. The floor would be designed like our roads, with North Avenue taking you the bathroom and I-70 taking you to the exit. We're picturing 360 views, just like Grand Junction, so there'd be pictures of things like the Mesa and Mount Garfield all around.

Now we've got to talk about the most important thing here at this bar -- the drinks. We asked you on our Facebook:

According to you, these are the kinds of drinks a Grand Junction themed bar would serve.

Holli commented on our Facebook and says the Grand Junction themed bar should serve Gladstoners. These drinks are usually called 'The Gladstone' instead of 'Gladstoners' but the latter fits the theme more. This drink includes liquor (either rum or vodka), juices and little something green in there. Maybe instead of a straw, it's served with a joint.

The Father of 6 drink at the Grand Junction themed bar isn't for a lightweight. Kyle Dunn commented on our Facebook and says that the Father of 6 drink is any combination of six different shots. Now that will make you forget about your stress, and possibly where you put your keys.

Jolene Brandom says that Jars of Dirt should be a drink option. This is because of the Grand Valley curse, which states that no person born in the valley can leave permanently unless they collect some dirt first. I think the Jars of Dirt drink should be a beer but served in a Mason jar that looks like it's full of dirt.

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