It's always fun to have a reason to celebrate with friends and family. It's even better when you have a favorite place to go to host you as you enjoy whatever good news you have in life.

Do you have a 'go-to' restaurant in Grand Junction, Fruita, or Palisade that you set aside as your headquarters for special occasions? Most people do.

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What is Your Favorite Restaurant for Special Occasions in Grand Junction Colorado?

Different that favorite Colorado restaurants, this is 'favorite restaurant for special occasions. So, let's get dressed up, run a comb through our hair, and hear some suggestions for great places to take friends or family for a special occasion.

Grand Junction's Restaurant Selection Offers Something for Everyone

Grand Junction isn't shy about the number of restaurants in town. We have great casual restaurants, and we have some amazing places with a more elegant, and formal atmosphere that can really make for a special evening. We're lucky to have so many options. It's a good thing too. We can't all line up at the same restaurant for Graduation right?

Scroll Through Grand Junction's Favorite Restaurants for Special Occasions

You can let us know your favorite restaurant for special occasions on the Western Slope by linking back to the original QOTD here, or by opening our station app and hitting the 'Message' button to text us your go-to place. We would love to add it to the list. With Valentine's Day right around the corner, feel free to use this list as inspiration for that special occasion as well.

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Grand Junction Colorado's Favorite Restaurants For A Special Night Out

We asked you to tell us your favorite local restaurant to visit for special occasions. Below you'll find an excellent list of recommendations right here in the Grand Valley.

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