This Grand Junction restaurant on Horizon Drive has closed for good.

Friday, May 14, 2021, was this Grand Junction restaurant's very last night open. W.W. Peppers at 753 Horizon Court, across from Citrola's and America's Best Value Inn, has permanently closed, according to the sign outside of their restaurant.

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The owners of W.W. Peppers decided to sell their building and here's what the sign outside of W.W. Peppers says:

Thank you, everyone! Friday was our last night, our building has sold and we and W.W. Peppers are retiring! We love you all! Thank you!

W.W. Peppers was established in 1984 and was a part of the Grand Valley for 37 years. According to their website, the restaurant was owned by the Chef and his wife. W.W. Peppers constantly switched up their menu which included dishes like:

  • Gulf Nachos with shrimp and crab meat
  • Filet Mignon wrapped with bacon
  • Crab Enchiladas
  • Strawberry Nachos

Just looking at the items on their menu makes us hungry. Although we're sad to see another Western Slope business closing for good, we're happy for the owners. We wish them a happy retirement full of fun.

Take a look at the pictures of the empty Grand Junction restaurant that's now permanently closed below.

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