When it comes to managing money, specifically debt, Grand Junction residents do it better than anyone in Colorado.

A study done by SmartAsset found Grand Junction exhibits an incredible amount of  knowledge in what experts say are important to proper debt management.

To find the cities where debt management was the best, the study equally calculated four specific areas of debt. They are credit score, average personal loan debt, credit utilization and mortgage foreclosure rate. The scores were then aggregated into the 'Most Debt Savvy Index'

In Colorado, these are the cities whose residents manage debt the best along with their Debt Savvy Index:

  1. Grand Junction  64.34
  2. Denver  51.87
  3. Colorado Springs  43.80

In credit score, Grand Junction placed second with Denver number one. Grand Junction topped the list with both the least amount of average debt and lowest foreclosure rate and tied for number one with Denver in credit utilization.

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