If you are traveling out of Grand Junction Regional Airport, there are some things you should know about parking at the airport.

An Unintended Benefit of Small Airports

While flying out of a small airport may not be the cheapest way to fly, it does have some benefits. One of those unintended benefits is airport parking.

If you have ever flown out of a big-city airport like Denver International, you know that parking can be a real hassle - and it can be costly. Daily parking can run you anywhere from $17 to $28 a day. The lots that use a shuttle to transport passengers from the parking lot to the terminal will cost about $8 a day, but it's definitely inconvenient.

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Believe It Or Not, Parking Is Fairly Inexpensive

One of the nice things about Grand Junction Regional Airport is that the parking is relatively inexpensive, and no shuttles are necessary in order for you to get from the parking lot to the terminal. No matter how far away from the front door you have to park, it's not that bad of a walk - unless you're carrying bricks in your luggage and your suitcase doesn't have wheels.

Parking citations are enforced by Grand Junction Regional Airport and if you receive a citation that you feel is in error,  you can appeal the citation on the GJRA website.

7 Things To Know About Parking At Grand Junction Regional Airport

Parking at Grand Junction Regional Airport is not complicated, but it helps to know what to expect if you have never experienced it. In some cases, parking is free depending on where you are parked and for how long. Here are 7 things to know about parking at Grand Junction Regional Airport.

Fun Facts About Grand Junction Regional Airport

Here are a few random facts about Grand Junction Regional Airport you might enjoy.

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