A popular television weatherman is off the air and Grand Junction is not happy about it.

End of the Road For Butch McCain?

For nearly 20 years, Butch McCain has been coming into Grand Valley homes each night to deliver the western Colorado forecast on KKCO 11 News. Those days are apparently over as the current vaccine mandate continues to sweep the country, leaving thousands of people without jobs.

According to multiple sources, including Facebooker Jon James, McCain was terminated by KKCO for not complying with their vaccine mandate. James says McCain had agreed to take the vaccine if the station would pay his medical bills if he had a negative reaction, but the company declined, and let him go.

McCain's photo and bio are now absent from the KCCO website, which would seem to confirm the reports.

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Grand Junction's #1 Celebrity

If ever there was a local celebrity on Grand Junction's media scene, it's weatherman Butch McCain. His friendly, laid-back delivery has been very popular with viewers and it's evidence that McCain is not just a weatherman.

He's a singer, songwriter, actor, and voice-over artist. Butch and his brother Ben have appeared on television shows like Hee Haw, General Hospital, and The Tonight Show. Butch has also been featured on national television commercials and has even done the weather on Good Morning America.

Grand Junction Reacts To Firing of TV Weatherman Butch McCain

Butch McCain is no longer doing the weather on KKCO, but, it is clear and obvious from the comments below that he has been very loved and appreciated in the Grand Valley over the years. The Grand Valley is reaching out with much support for Butch at this time -and much anger toward the TV station.

KEEP SCROLLING: Incredible Outpouring of Support For Grand Junction Weatherman Butch McCain

As word spread on social media of his termination, we witnessed an incredible outpouring of support for Butch McCain. Butch has a way of delivering the weather so professionally, yet, at the same time, makes you feel like he is your best friend. That's why so many folks in the Grand Valley have loved watching him for so many years. Even if you don't know him personally, it feels like he's your friend. Here is a sample of some of the support McCain has received.

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