If there is anything better than showing off photos of your kids, it's got to be showing off your pets.

Celebrating Pets Throughout the Year

There are plenty of occasions to celebrate our pets throughout the year.  Love Your Pet Day is in February, National Pet Day is in April, and May is National Pet Month.  Of course, we love to show off our pets every chance we get and we asked our listeners to share their pet photos with us.

The Responsibility of Pet Ownership

Owning a pet is a huge responsibility. This animal is depending on you for its care, food, water, grooming, and taking care of health issues that come along. I think humans get some degree of satisfaction from being needed.

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The Joys Our Pets Bring To Our Lives

In return, our pets generally bring so much joy and fun to our lives. Car rides and walks, greetings at the door, snuggles and hugs, silly things, pets and pats, tail wags, barks, and meows are all part of the joy of having a pet.

On the other side of the coin, is the sadness we experience at the end of our pet's life. We hate watching the decline - and then there's the heart-wrenching moment when they take their last breath on this earth. With great joy comes much sorrow.

PHOTOS: Grand Junction Listeners Celebrate Their Pets

We celebrate our pets on various occasions throughout the year, and Grand Junction loves to show off its pets. Here's a look at some adorable pet photos sent to us by listeners. Enjoy this brief pictorial journey of Grand Junction's pets.

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