It's perfectly normal to dream about what your life would be like if you no longer had to work. You could sleep in, you'd certainly have a lot more freedom, and the possibilities of what you could do with all of your newfound free time are endless.

Retirement is something that isn't always obtainable for all, and sometimes even when one does get to retire, the financial limitations don't allow for a whole lot. However, we can all dream, right?

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Curious, I posted a question on Facebook asking if you were to retire tomorrow, what the first thing you'd do would be, and got all kinds of great responses.

Grand Junction Chooses Hypothetical Retirement Plans

One thing that Grand Junction residents seem to have in common is a desire to travel the world. In fact, numerous responses to my question were in this vein citing things like cross-country travel in a new camper, traveling with a beloved family member, or even traveling overseas to places like Japan, Italy, and Iceland.

In addition to travel goals, many responses to my question involved delving deeper into hobbies that would undoubtedly take more time than we have outside of work. Some of these hobbies mentioned include playing guitar, golfing, and helping homeless youth.

Many responses indicated that if retired, a lot of people would choose to relax. Responses included things like doing absolutely nothing, sleeping in, and just driving around.

Take a look at all of the great ideas that Grand Junction residents came up with regarding the first thing they'd do if they retired tomorrow:

Grand Junction Picks Hypothetical Retirement Plans

Curious, I posted a question on Facebook asking what you’d do first if you were to retire tomorrow, and here’s what you said.

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