We asked our fans what corn on the cob was best paired with for National Corn On the Cob Day and holy moly my mouth is watering from some of the comments that were posted on Facebook.

Lip-smacking nummy-ness.

I love corn on the cob. Actually, that's really the only way I love corn is when it's on the cob and grilled with salt and butter.

Seriously, that sounds so delicious right now.

But I must admit I have to try corn on the cob with bacon, yes bacon, like Sandra Lehman Rigsby suggested:

Oh my WORD, I can't stop thinking about trying corn on the cob with bacon. Bacon goes with everything and apparently to many people so does corn on the cob.

Before today I thought corn on the cob went best with steak but now I think there are many other ways to enjoy this tasty grain. Like with bacon.

Grab an ear of corn Grand Junction for National Corn On the Cob Day lets get creative and pair it with some yummy seafood, steak, butter, and did we say bacon?

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