If you're looking for a Halloween costume, look no more. Sometimes your environment can inspire you and these Halloween costumes are so Grand Valley.

 Dalton Trumbo

This is the most popular person in Grand Junction and has won two Oscars. He's well known for writing in a bathtub, so grab your bubbles, duckies, drink and pen paper for this costume.

Safe From The Grand Valley Curse

You're supposed to collect small amounts of sand from the area before you move so you won't be drawn back to the Grand Valley. Get some bags of dirt, tape to your shirt, and voila! You're now "safe from the Grand Valley curse."

Deer & Hunter

With the abundance of deer and hunting around the Grand Valley, this makes for a perfect couples costume. This costume can be done as a pair, no significant other needed.


With the recent opening of the dispensary in Palisade, it only seems fitting that this should be on the list. Whether you do this alone or with a group of people, the options are endless. Think joints, baggies, edibles, Cheech & Chong and more!

Cheers To You

What a perfect excuse to walk around with a glass of wine all night -- be the wine! Whether you're red or white, boxed or bottled, the costume is the perfect depiction of the Grand Valley aka wine country.

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