Grand Junction elementary school kids raised over $600 and used it to stock bags for the homeless. And it's all thanks to Fruitvale Elementary School's Student Council.

District 51 posted this picture on their Facebook of Fruitvale Elementary's Student Council. The kids raise over $600 and put it toward a great cause -- helping our homeless community with the essentials.

Not new t-shirts (or superhero costumes) or a crazy party with bouncy houses, but they put it toward helping the homeless community. Which I think is extremely selfless of these kids.

Fruitvale Elementary School students used the money to purchase socks, deodorant, soap, and shampoo, according to District 51's Facebook. Fruitvale Elementary's Student Council looks they're extremely proud of the countless bags they've stocked with supplies.

Just look at this picture of Fruitvale Elementary School's Student Council next to the great and selfless deed they've done for the community.

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