Do you remember the thrill of learning to drive and the angst of taking the driving test?

Driving Anticipation

Although I have known kids that have put off getting their drivers license for as long as possible, I think most kids can hardly wait to get their license, their first car, and to get on the road. It brings a sense of adventure, independence, and coming of age.

I took the drivers ed class in high school, but I learned to drive long before then on a country dirt road in eastern Colorado. Whenever we would visit grandma and grandpa on the farm at Cope, my brother and I would take turns sitting on dad's lap and take the wheel for the three-mile drive out to the farm.

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Remembering That Big Oldsmobile

My driving test car was my parents' big Oldsmobile Ninety-Eight - super nice care with all the bells and whistles including an 8-track tape player.  That thing was as big as a boat, but, I think I passed with flying colors, despite being as nervous as a long-tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs. There's nothing like having someone watching your every move and critiquing your just-learned driving skills.

Grand Junction Remembers Their DrivingTest Car

Recently, we asked our listeners to tell us about the car they drove for their driving test back in the day, and I have a feeling we stirred up some long-forgotten memories. These are the cars that got Grand Junction drivers started on the road.

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