It's been a crazy summer in western Colorado and we wondered if an annual Grand Junction event would go the way of so many other events.

Good news for Grand Junction canines, the 16th Annual Dog Days at the Lincoln Park will be held this year, just a little later than normal.

Due to the pandemic, the Lincoln Park swimming pool was about a month late getting open. Then, thanks to an extremely hot August in the Grand Valley, the pool closing was delayed from Labor Day weekend to the end of September. That explains why Dog Days won't happen until October 3.

This is the one time a year when the pool is reserved exclusively for animals with four legs that bark. For many Grand Valley pooches, this is a can't-miss event, because they love being in the water so much. Big dogs and little dogs are welcome to dive in, and here's what you need to know.

It will cost your four-legged-friend $5 to get into the pool. If you have multiple dogs, the cost is just $12 for three or four dogs from the same family. Proceeds from the event will
benefit the Roice-Hurst Humane Society and the Billy Crawford Memorial Scholarship Fund.

For small dogs, the first hour of swimming is reserved exclusively for them. From 10;00am until 11:00am it's small dogs only. That means dogs 25 pounds or less. From 11:00am until 2:00pm the pool will be open to all dogs regardless of size.

Capacity at the pool will be limited to 175 humans, and keep in mind, humans are not allowed to be in the pool on this day. Only dogs are allowed in the water. All canine parents are asked to please keep a safe physical distance from other parents.

It's possible you and your pet have never participated in the Dog Days event, now in its 16th year at the Lincoln Park Pool. But, regardless of whether or not you've ever done it, when this event happens, it's one more indication that summer is coming to an end.

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