I find myself learning new things every single day. Here's what Grand Junction learned in a day, I'll call them Grand Junction's daily life lessons.

Life is so unpredictable, you never know what it'll teach you. Here are some of the things I've learned recently:

  • People also find the stupid things I say funny. (Which is great, because I crack myself up a lot.)
  • Understanding fly line weights, thanks to Western Anglers. The higher the number of your fly line weight, the heavier it is.

I asked you this on our Facebook:

And here are some of Grand Junction's daily life lessons.

Honestly, I'm not sure if Nick is joking or not. Either way this made me laugh and I do hope she thinks your tractor is sexy.

This could one of the most important life lessons of them all. Well done Melanie, we're proud of you.

I'm not going to question this one, I'm just going to say 'cheers.'

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