Do you possess the remarkable ability to fall up a set of stairs? Have you found you have an uncanny ability to irritate people? It appears as though many in Grand Junction possess secret talents.

I went to Facebook asking people to share their hidden talents. Here's what you had to say.

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Unlocking Your Secret Talents

Have you discovered your hidden talents? The website Arrest Your Debts states:
We all have something special that makes us unique. Some people are good at art or music, while others excel at sports or math. Whatever your passion, chances are you have skills that you don’t even realize you have. You might be surprised to discover that you have a hidden talent that you never knew existed.

The website adds, "Everyone has skills, usually more than one. Unfortunately, very few people take the time to discover their hidden ones. It’s not surprising, though, because it can be challenging to see your gifts!"

The Road to Discovery

They even offer a short list of fairly obvious ways you might discover your talents:

  •  Take art lessons
  • Try out different sports
  • Join drama clubs or dance groups
  • Enroll in singing or language classes
  • Go to music shows and join concerts whenever you can
  • Play an instrument

Talents Most Never Consider

Most of the bullet points above are obvious. If you try enough things, sooner or later you'll discover what you like or what you're good at.

What about those talents we discover by accident? What about those we have to discover the hard way?

Check out the gallery below. As you can see, some people in Grand Junction possess special talents, some bordering on superpowers.

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