Looking for a chance to escape but don't want to spend tons of money on gas and hotels? Just minutes from Grand Junction is the ultimate stay-cation inside the Colorado National Monument.

For less than a night in a chain hotel, you can stay on the doorstep of the monument for a fun weekend escape that includes hiking, mountain biking, and breathtaking views of western Colorado.

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How Many Hiking Trails are in the Colorado National Monument?

Trails at the Colorado National Monument come in all sizes and skill levels. Select from the Window Rock Loop, Rough Canyon Loop, Monument and Wedding Canyon, Liberty Cap Trail, The Cabin Loop, The Devil's Kitchen, Serpent's Trail, No Thoughrofare Canyon, Black Ridge Trail, the Coke Ovens, the Ute Canyon Trail and many more. There are 43 miles of hiking trails in the Monument so you'll be able to find more than a few you love.

Enjoy Mountain Biking in the Monument or the Lunch Loops

Bring your mountain bikes to this Grand Junction Airbnb for easy access to the beloved Lunch Loops trails named Free Lunch, and Pucker Up. Both trails are mountain-bike-only trails are designed for downhill travel. You can also find incredible rides on the Kokopelli Loops or Rabbit Valley.

See Inside this Hiking and Biking Airbnb Near the Colorado National Monument

If you want to visit the Colorado National Monument for a day or a weekend of fun, consider one of the many Airbnb rentals near this location. It's a fun escape, rates are often more affordable than hotels, and it gives you a more unique stay when you visit an area like the Grand Valley. Let's take a tour.

Grand Junction Airbnb Offers an Affordable Hiking and Biking Getaway

Gallery Credit: Wesley Adams

MORE: 10 Trails You Can Enjoy in One Day at the Colorado National Monument

See some of the best features inside the National Monument by selecting these short to moderate trails that can all be done in one day or separately.

PHOTOS: Hike into Beautiful Echo Canyon Inside the Colorado National Monument

Located just off the Devil's Kitchen trails system, you'll find the path to the incredible Echo Canyon. This beautiful trail sends you up and over several smooth rocks before descending down into a beautiful box canyon that sometimes hides a waterfall.

Gallery Credit: Wesley Adams

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