Do you go absolutely cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs? How about Fruity Pebbles? Perhaps you're into Rice Chex. According to you, these are some of your favorite breakfast cereals in Grand Junction, Colorado.

Looking at your replies, it appears some love Sugar Frosted Flakes every bit as much now as they did as a child. I asked on Facebook, "What is your favorite cereal of all time?" Here's what you had to say.

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National Cereal Day

This coming Tuesday, March 7, 2023, is National Cereal Day. In case you're wondering, it always falls on March 7.

How To Celebrate National Cereal Day

The website Holiday Insights offers these suggestions for celebrating National Cereal Day:

  • Pull a box of cereal out of the cupboard and have a good breakfast.
  • Moms and dads, skip the eggs, waffles, and pancakes today. Serve your kids cereal.
  • In a hurry? Serve it for lunch and/or dinner.
  • Cereal is a good snack, too. Grab a bowl of your favorite cereal and eat it dry while watching your evening shows.

Grand Junction Colorado's Favorite Cereals Of All Time

There's a reason why I phrased the question the way I did. I asked, "What's your favorite cereal of all time?" By asking this way, I wanted to leave the door open for you to answer with your childhood favorite if it is still your favorite "of all time."

Keep in mind, I'm the guy, who at the age of 52, runs down to Sam's Club every Halloween to buy the Monster Cereals variety pack. This would be the one that comes with:

  • Franken Berry
  • Count Chocula
  • Boo Berry
  • Fruit Brute

Let's hold right here. Okay, do you remember Fruit Brute? I sure don't. I lived on Monster Cereals in the 1970s, and remember Franken Berry, Boo Berry, and Count Chocula very well. Personally, I have no recollection of Fruit Brute, or as it was once called, Froot Brute. On top of that, I don't seem to recall another variety called Yummy Mummy.

We Like What We Like

Check out the gallery below, and you'll notice a certain sameness when it comes to your replies. It might be wise to run out and buy stock in whatever company it is that produces Cocoa Pebbles, because based on your replies, that's a very popular cereal.

Again, by asking for your favorite cereal of all time, you could have replied with anything from Cookie Crisp to Mr. T Cereal, all the way to Oatmeal.

Grand Junction's Favorite Cereals For 2023

March 7, 2023, is the day we celebrate "National Cereal Day." What's your favorite? What was your favorite as a child? I asked on Facebook, "What's your favorite cereal of all time?" Answers in every color of the rainbow came pouring in. Here's a look at your picks for the best cereals on the market.

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