This is the most heartwarming story that you will read from Grand Junction, Colorado this week!

According to a report from NBC 11, a dog named Mia was reunited with her owners after becoming lost following a car crash.

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The Car Crash in Colorado's Western Slope

Following a visit to Denver, Hannah Poscente and boyfriend Charles Reigies were traveling down I-70 back to Grand Junction with their dog Mia in tow. Unfortunately for the couple, an ice patch sent their vehicle skidding, and it ultimately rolled over.

Hannah was injured with a broken neck and rushed to the hospital, but Mia was also missing.

Reigies searched for the couple's dog but was not able to find her. Despite the chaos, the couple was determined to find their pup.

The Endless Search for Mia in Eagle County and Beyond

Hannah began posting on several social media groups in the Western Slope searching for help in finding Mia.

Multiple people shared Hannah's posts looking for Mia, but a resident of Eagle county named Janet Cross went above and beyond to help the couple.

Cross only lives about 20 minutes away from the sight of the crash and was able to set up a trail camera in the hopes of spotting Mia.

Oftentimes animals will return to the area they were last at with their owners, and Cross was hopeful Mia would do the same. Cross even set up traps in an effort of catching Mia if she returned to the crash site.

Mia Is Spotted at the Crash Site in Eagle County

Cross was right about her assumption and Mia was spotted visiting the crash site, sometimes twice a day! Unfortunately, the traps Cross set didn't hold Mia, but she didn't give up, and neither did Hannah.

One month and one day after the accident, Hannah and others were talking about Mia along the train tracks, when she was finally found.

The pup went directly to Hannah and the reunion was actually captured on footage.

Mia Is Back Home and Happy in Grand Junction

Despite Mia's long month away from her parents, she survived. Mia is said to have lost some weight but is otherwise in good health.

This is the ultimate tale of what community truly means.

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