Are you long overdue for a vacation? Has it been so long since your last break you don't even remember what a vacation is? These are Grand Junction, Colorado's picks for the best vacations ever.

Check out the locations you mentioned. For some, a great vacation is in their own backyard. Then again, others travel the world. These are your picks for the best of the best.

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Fascinating Vacation Ideas

One reply, courtesy of Linda P, mentions a road trip back in the 1960s from California to Ohio. That would have been fun.

I just wrapped up five days in Manhattan. Why Manhattan? Put simply, I wanted to get it out of my system. Typically, my travel plans focus on avoiding large cities. For this reason, it seemed a bit overdue to visit the Big Apple. Oddly, I LOVED it.

How Often Should Residents of Grand Junction Take a Vacation?

Looking at the website CleverJourney, it is recommended you take extensive vacation time each year.

Ideally, you should take at least two longer trips per year, in addition to a few other smaller trips. The total amount that you should spend on vacation is 30-45 days per year. I know getting one month off per year can seem hard for some, but it’s a very effective way to stay healthy, live happier, and longer.

Not Very Likely

This is only my opinion, but if a person has a job with any degree of responsibility at all, the likelihood of taking 30 to 45 days off each year is pretty much impossible.

A Few Suggestion From Other Travelers

Take a look at the gallery below. These are a few examples of places where people like to vacation. As a matter of fact, they consider these to be the best vacations they've ever taken.

Grand Junction Says These Were The Best Vacations We Ever Took

I asked on social media, "What was the BEST vacation you ever took?" Here's what you had to say.

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