For non-natives of Western Colorado, it may seem odd reading street signs labeled F 3/4 Road or 29 1/2 Road, but when given poor directions, drivers simply have to recite the alphabet and perform simple math to reach his or her destination.

The grid of the Grand Valley roads were originally created by marking how many miles each road was from the Utah border. So, when crossing 19 1/2 Road you know you are precisely 19 1/2 miles from Utah.

Google Maps

The alphabet was then used to define the East-West running roads, "A" beginning in Utah, "B" lying a mile north of A Road and so forth.

But, as we all know, nothing can be that simple.

Google Maps

As roads swerve over the geography of the Grand Valley roads soon became a disorderly mess of fractions and decimals. To make matters worse, roads such as A 2/10 Road, 11 5/10 Road, and 9 8/10 Road make it even more difficult to understand seeing that whoever labeled these roads apparently failed remedial math.

So, can you tell us where the "F" A Road is?

To our knowledge no A Road exists, unless of course A Road happens to be the Area 51 of the Grand Valley where Google Map cars disappear.