It's the fourth week of September with high temps in the 80's and a Red Flag Warning from the National Weather Service. You know what that means. It's Christmas time in Grand Junction.

This was the scene at the North Avenue Walmart yesterday, September 24, 2020. We're still a solid month out from Halloween, so isn't it a bit early to put up Christmas decorations? Personally, I was a little shocked to see Halloween decorations out this early.

Ultimately this is a matter of opinion. My mother always started decorating for Christmas immediately after Thanksgiving. We all thought that was too early. Recently, Christmas decorating has inched closer and closer to Halloween. I don't recall ever seeing decorations up as early as September 24.

Tom Freeman

Before I go any deeper, I am aware that some stores keep some Christmas supplies up all year. That's perfectly understandable. As you can see with the photos, though, the supplies currently on the sales floor go beyond a handful of odds and ends.

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How soon is too soon? Waiting until Christmas Eve to put up decorations is too late. After Christmas and New Year, all you have to look forward too is several months of grey skies and cold weather. We could all use a good burn duration on our Christmas cheer.

According to the website BestLife, Debra Carpenter, the director of marketing at Flashmarks says, "The Saturday following Thanksgiving is the best time to put up Christmas decorations."

Tom Freeman

In all fairness, 2020 hasn't been a typical year by any means. With that in mind, we could all use a cause for celebration. There's certainly no harm in celebrating a bit early. At the same time, it can't hurt to stock up on decorations while the getting is good. It's better to have your pick of what's out there as opposed to waiting until the crowds hit and you're left with nothing but remnants.

We used to joke about this sort of thing. Do you remember in the '80s when we all thought it was ridiculous seeing Christmas commercials the day after Thanksgiving? Before long people starting joking about the way Christmas was getting earlier and earlier every year. Well, the future is now, and it appears holiday shopping has made its way to September.

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