It's always nice to hear of some good news when it comes to law enforcement, so we were pretty thrilled when we heard that two members of the Grand Junction Bike Patrol had stopped to support some young lemonade vendors.GJPD Bike Patrol Officers Kaila and Kelli were on patrol this week when they stopped for a glass of lemonade to support these two budding, young entrepreneurs. And considering the hot summer temperatures in the Grand Valley, I'm sure a cold glass of lemonade hit the spot.

A listener called me the other day, bemoaning the fact that there was so much bad news on the radio. I assured her that I did not create or write the news, I just report it. But, I also assured her I would do my best to report some "good" news to try and balance out  with all the bad.

So, here you go - a little good news - on the softer, brighter side!