Are you ready to feel old? Look out, Grand Junction. As hard as this may be to believe, this event happened 50 years ago.

If you grew up in Grand Junction, you watched Sesame Street on the Denver PBS station, coming in on channel 6. Our PBS feed had all the great shows: Sesame Street, the Electric Company, etc.

Get ready, because this is going to hurt. This awesome piece of footage originally aired over 50 years ago - February 25, 1970. I wasn't even born yet, and my 50th birthday is only a few weeks away. For your viewing pleasure, and for the purpose of igniting your mid-life crisis, I proudly present Ernie singing to his rubber ducky.

Can you believe this video has over 31 million views on Youtube? Can you believe people out there gave it 8.6K "thumbs down"? Who does that?

On that note, let's pause for a moment for a couple of trivia questions:

  • Questions: What did Ernie name his rubber duckie?
  • Answer: Rubber Duckie
  • Question: Who voiced the character of Ernie on Sesame Street?
  • Answer: Jim Henson
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A few interesting facts about February 25, 1970 include:

  • Simon and Garfunkel were at #1 on the charts with Bridge Over Troubled Water
  • Richard Nixon was in the White House

Were you living in Grand Junction when this aired? I was somewhere in the middle of a gestation period. I only caught this in reruns. In any event, happy anniversary to this piece of Americana.

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