Give Dad the Father's Day gift he has always wanted, even though he probably never realized it. Think of how comfy and relaxed Dad will be with his very own pair of comfy, stylish, and eco-friendly Tribble Slippers.


Tribbles, the small, furry little animals that basically eat, purr, and make little tribbles. Do you remember these things? They were the little guys that managed to take over the Enterprise in a matter of hours, causing more havoc and setting off more red alerts than an entire Klingon invasion force. Now, thanks to modern commercialism, Dad can keep his feet warm and comfy with his very own pair of Tribbles.

For the record, NO TRIBBLES WERE HARMED IN THE MAKING OF THESE TRIBBLE SLIPPERS. Yes, you rest comfortably with the knowledge that no real tribbles were harmed. These are "synthetic" Tribbles. Not only is the hunting of Tribbles probably considered illegal, but it would be cost prohibitive to actually travel to the planet Iota Geminorum IV to get them.

As an added bonus, not only are Tribble slippers soft and cozy, but they will also serve as an early warning detection device in the event that Klingons are near. Remember, Tribbles don't like Klingons.

This Father's Day, give Dad the stylish gift which will keep him comfy and protect him from Klingons, with his own pair of Tribble Slippers.