This will be the third time that Fruita resident Michael Stanger has tackled the course on American Ninja Warrior, but, his wife could be the true hero. 

Enedina Stanger has to deal with Ehlers Danos Syndrome, which is a genetic trait that stretches her bodies connective tissue causing her joints to dislocate. It became so bad, she had to be confined to a wheelchair for four years. That left husband Michael in the role of sole provider.

After a short while, he realized he was going to need a lot more energy and strength to support his family. So, he started working out. American Ninja Warrior style. He never planned on actually competing on the show, but his wife, of all people, urged him to at least audition. He got in. Barely.

He first competed in 2015 and now he is back in the 2017 city finals. That episode airs tonight (Monday, August 28) on channel 11.

That is not where this story ends. Michael's wife Enedina was told by doctors that she only had a few months to live. That, along with her husband's workouts, inspired her to make a change. She stopped taking all the different types of medications and started working out herself. Starting with painful hours of strength training, along with a vast change of diet and seeking some alternative medicines. She is now out of the wheelchair and works out along side Michael.

Enedian will be there tonight. Cheering for Michael as hard as Michael cheered for her.


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