Pets keep all kinds of things in their pockets, like legos and french fries. If Grand Junction's pet's had pockets, these are the items you would find in them.

If my pets had pockets, I know I would find things like money, ping pong balls and toy springs in them. For some reason my cats love to try to steal my money, whether it's bills or coins, they always try. They usually opt for the change and it makes me wonder what they're even saving up for.

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We asked you on our Facebook what kinds of items would be in your pet's pockets and your responses are hilarious. Here are the items you would find in Grand Junction's pet's pockets:

Colleen Zweigle commented on our Facebook and says if her pets had pockets, you would find bully sticks in them. Carolyn Williams says there would most definitely be stolen french fries in her dog's pockets and Diana says bunny treats mixed with oats and bananas. (Some go for the french fries, others go for the fruit.)

Susie Larson says you would find Legos in her pet's pocket which is funny because some people dread finding Legos (like when you step on them in the middle of the night) and others, like this dog, cherishes and seeks them. Carolyn Williams commented on our Facebook and says other than french fries, you'd also find her dog's leash and something out of the clothes hamper in her dog's pockets.

Peggy Norris says that if you looked in her pet's pockets (if they had pockets) you would find toilet paper, tissues and also socks. Kirsten says her dog would have a pocket full of stuffing because he loves to rip the stuffing out of all of his toys -- brutal.

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