What once seems to be a fun place to take the family, celebrate birthdays, have a first date, or just spend the weekend, is now much different.

A former fun center in Colorado Springs, once called 'Champions Golf and Games, is now a sad shell of what it once was. The fun center has since been abandoned and not only does it appear that some homeless people have moved in, but it now has a seemingly much darker existence.

Not only is the former fun center pretty much destroyed and littered with graffiti, but a surprising amount of the graffiti that plagues the walls of what was once Champions is satanic in nature.

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In fact, some of the graffiti makes it known that someone who calls him/herself "Lucifer's Sex Slave" lives there and is available for some X-rated activities Saturdays at 3 a.m.

Take a virtual tour of the now-abandoned Champions Golf and Games in Colorado Springs:

Former Colorado Fun Center Now Home to 'Lucifer's Sex Slave'

A now-abandoned mini-golf course in Colorado Springs is now home to someone that calls themself 'Lucifer's Sex Slave.'

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