Any Denver Broncos fan knows the name Brock Osweiler as the 2015 football star who not only aided the team in Super Bowl 50 but helped claim the victory for the team as well. Fans will now have to know this name as “retired NFL star” as Osweiler announces official full-time retirement from his football career on October 16, 2019.

During an interview with 9News, Osweiler states, “I’m extremely grateful for the time I did receive playing in the National Football League. The experiences I did have, people I did meet, relationships I did make – I’m not going to dwell on the things that didn’t happen in my career.

Osweiler first joined the NFL in the draft of 2012 after his junior season at Arizona State and was picked in the second round by the Broncos general manager, John Elway. After helping the Broncos achieve their Super Bowl victory, Osweiler signed a four-year, $72-million-dollar deal with the Houston Texans. He was then traded to the Cleveland Browns after a bit of struggle and re-signed with the Denver Broncos after the 2017 season. Here he started in five games and then went on to appear in seven games with the Miami Dolphins in 2018.  He has since remained a free agent in 2019.

Looking for a full-time contract after his seven-year football career, Osweiler explains that the perfect opportunity simply never presented itself. Osweiler received serious consideration from Atlanta, Indianapolis, and the New York Jets but none of these offered the full-time position that he was looking for.

Osweiler, somewhat taken aback by the lack of opportunity to further his career, says in the interview that, “I thought I played some pretty good football last year considering the circumstances. Kind of assumed there would be a decent offer in the offseason, whether that was to be a backup for a young starter or possibly compete for a job. Something like that. Free agency came around and there was nothing.”

Osweiler, his wife Erin and daughter Blake currently live in Scottsdale and are expecting another baby girl within the next month.

Osweiler states that “Just weighing some options for the next phase of life. It’s all good. I’m kind of taking this year to see what shakes out. Otherwise, just playing some golf, seeing some people I haven’t been able to see in a few years. I just want to see what’s available.”

For now, Osweiler will keep his Super Bowl ring and football career on the back-burner. Who knows though, maybe Osweiler will pull a ‘Marshawn Lynch’ and come out of retirement within the upcoming years.

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