Super Bowl 51 viewers will hear Foreigner during this year's game — at least if they stick around during the commercials.

Super Bowl Commercials reports that the fast food chain Wendy's is airing its first-ever commercial spot during the big game this year — a clip that uses Foreigner's classic hit "Cold as Ice" to highlight the differences between their proclaimed business practices and those of their competitors. The commercial was directed by Dan Brown for Unheard/Of.

At the crux of the commercial, as one might guess given its soundtrack, is the company's insistence that it only uses fresh beef on its burgers — unlike certain other chains (referred to as "Othr Guyz"), who rely on frozen patties to keep costs down.

According to a Foreigner publicist, the version of "Cold as Ice" heard in the Wendy's Super Bowl commercial isn't the original, but a re-recording featuring current lead singer Kelly Hansen. It seems fairly safe to assume this version was pulled from one of the various Foreigner compilations rather than recorded expressly for Wendy's, but further details aren't currently available.

Although the commercial has been deemed "not that inspired or interesting" by Super Bowl Commercials, it's worth noting that the frozen beef debate is something that's been stressed by Wendy's repeatedly. Recently, the restaurant's Twitter account made headlines when the person or people responsible for maintaining it responded to an accusation that the company was lying about only using fresh meat — and ultimately goofed on the user responsible so expertly that the person simply ended up deleting his own account.

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