The old House of Joy, a Wild West brothel, could be your next home. If walls could talk, eh? 21 Summit Realty, Inc. 21 Summit Realty, Inc.

420 E. Main St. is now on the market in Buena Vista (yes, '420'), and this piece of real estate comes with quite a bit of history that wholesome Chip and Joanna probably wouldn't opt to shiplap.

Zillow describes the former House of Joy, which is on the market for nearly $1 million (Oh, sorry, did we mention you have to be loaded to buy it?) as a 'favorite spot for tourists, photographers and history buffs.' The brothel was owned by Madam Elizabeth Spurgen, who was known as 'Cock-eyed Liz.' According to Colorado Central Magazine, Liz's House of Joy held four other prostitutes.

'Men paid $3 for a visit. Liz paid the local boys a dime to take notes to the saloon men around town, and hired a buggy to parade her girls around in public. Her most unique marketing technique was her pet magpie, which called to passersby from its cage on the lawn: 'Come in boys. Come in.'  - Colorado Central Magazine.

It was built in the late 1870s during the mining boom, but was restored in 2015, so the one-time Wild West brothel actually looks like a fairly modern home on the inside, while still maintaining the historic charm. Aw, we love a happy ending.

You can read more about Liz and the House of Joy from Colorado Central Magazine, and see listing photos courtesy of Zillow and CENTURY 21 Summit Realty, Inc. 21 Summit Realty, Inc. 21 Summit Realty, Inc.

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