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Admit it, you watch shows like American Idol or The Voice and think: "I could do that".

Well with your own home recording studio you can! Get your friends together, jam out and who knows? You may be the next big star!

Tascam DR 70 D 4 Track Portable Audio Recorder for DSLR Camera

Get your band together and not only record sound but video.

M Audio Keystation 88 II

Have a lot of fun creating new sounds with this bad boy!

OneOdio Stereo Monitor Headphones

Wear what the DJ's wear and mix your sound like a pro.

Pyle Pro Unidirectional Microphone

Perfect for stage and studio.

Pyle Pro Rack Mount Studio PreAmplifier

Get your sound just right with this Pre Amp. You'll sound like a pro for sure.

Now all you need is a soundproof room and some music and you're ready to go.